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Control playback (play/pause/next/prev) vlc-mediaPlayer through bluetooth device


0)open vlc -> Tools -> Preferences -> show settings (two radiobuttons in the bottom of the pref. window) -> check "ALL"

1)interface -> main interfaces -> check "Remote control interface"

2)interface -> main interfaces -> RC
------------------------------------------------- check "Fake TTY"
------------------------------------------------- fill "Unix socket command input" with propper path to socket file*

*vlc should have full access to that path

3)edit your triggerhappy config:

KEY_PREVIOUSSONG 1 /bin/echo -n "prev" | nc -U /home/username/.vlc.socket
KEY_NEXTSONG 1 /bin/echo -n "next" | nc -U /home/username/.vlc.socket
KEY_PLAYCD 1 /bin/echo -n "pause" | nc -U /home/username/.vlc.socket

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